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Ages 6-12yrs. 2.30-4pm

$175 (10 sessions)

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AMP Pitching Youth & High School

CRUSH Hitting  Youth & High School

Learn Your Disconnections

Learn How to get Connected

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Covered Cage Rental $25 for 30mins

Team Rental $10 per player

Baseball & Softball Machines

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Team Boot Camp $125 player

Team Facility Use $250 monthly

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BANDITOS 12U-14U (High School Prep)

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Rockstar Baseball Ranch
Rockstar Works!
At the end of 8th grade, my son decided he wanted to try out for the High School baseball team, as a Pitcher. A tall order for a kid that had only played one season of rec ball in his life and that was when he was a 10-year-old. My son started private training with Coach Pryor that summer and also attended all of the Rockstar clinics that Coach Pryor offered and started playing rec ball in order to get field time. My son did not make the High School team his freshman year, but was selected for the Allstar team as a pitcher in his rec league and traveled to Tallahassee. My son continued to work hard with Rockstar. In only 15 months of starting with Rockstar my son made the High School JV Fall and then Spring teams as a Starting Pitcher. As well he has continued his success into 2016 to earn a spot on the Spring Varsity roster as a Starting Pitcher!
Cathi Cooper
Rockstar Baseball Ranch
We met Coach Pryor when my son was in 7th grade. He was an average rec ball player that wanted to be more. Coach video recorded him and pointed out all the details Reiner was doing wrong. There were so many incorrect mechanics that we weren’t sure he could fix them. But with private coaching, multiple repetitive drills, strength training, a lot of practice, persistence, high mental focus and Coach Ryan’s high expectations for performance, Reiner has become competitive enough to play high school baseball. Thanks Coach Pryor!!!
Jen & Mike Stover
Rockstar Baseball Ranch
As a parent of a very successful young baseball player who tore up the recreational league I was looking for something or someone who could not only challenge my son but make him better with education and playing experience. I found RockStar Baseball Ranch and Coach Ryan and learned right away this program was not only what my son needed to become a better player but it also helped me become a better coach and learn new techniques. The practices were perfect as there was not only just a ton of education and training but Coach Ryan would then take his lessons and show it on the field. In my eyes that is the best of both worlds verbal instructions followed by hands on training. My son has used this training to exceed well beyond my expectations with 3 travel seasons under his belt he has constantly been in the top 3 in hitter for average, walks and slugging percentage. Defensively, my son has gone from an average to being top 3 fielding percentage as well. All in all RockStar baseball has made my son a better all around baseball player. Thanks Coach Ryan.
Joe & Melissa DeLaVina
Rockstar Baseball Ranch
Coach Ryan is the goods. He understands the mechanics of baseball on an incredibly detailed, yet practical level. He helped my son capture the fundamentals for pitching and hitting on a level he could grasp. He also help me as a dad understand proper mechanics and gave us drills to reinforce high level performance. Coach Ryan has a knack for making the complex, simple. It has made a difference in my son’s game and given him an edge.
Vinny Breault
Rockstar Baseball Ranch
I have worked with Coach Pryor over the last several years and have witnessed first hand his tremendous impact on the development of young athletes in the area. He has remarkable baseball knowledge and is highly skilled at breaking down and teaching the fundamental mechanics that are so critical in the early stages of baseball development. He is very quick to detect any disconnections a young player may have and identify the proper drills to overcome them and succeed. I highly recommend Coach Pryor and look forward to the Rockstar Baseball Ranch facilities.
Jeff Flemming




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